Zillow lists White House on real estate site for $319+ million

Imagine having prime real estate in Washington D.C. with views of the National Mall, a fireplace, a finished basement and your choice of 35 bathrooms to do your business in.

Not that it's for sale or anything, but as Politico points out, that hasn't kept Zillow, the real estate website, from listing the White House for a cool $319,706,250. Or just about $1.8 million per month in rent.

The White House was listed on Zillow as President Barack Obama met with the company's CEO, Spencer Rascoff, about affordable housing and the American housing market as a whole.

While nearly $320 million is a hefty price tag for a 16 bedroom, 35 bathroom home built on 18 acres in 1792, the 221-year-old house does boast a large residence, plenty of home office space and even the famed one-lane bowling alley.

You can check out the listing here, but we don't recommend running out to a mortgage broker anytime soon - unless you consider running for president in 2016, of course.

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