Young family seeks home after fire

Stanley Young with his daughter. (Photo: Hatzel Vela)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Until two weeks ago, the Young family lived right above a store in northwest D.C.

Now, they're a in hotel after a fire destroyed their home.

Stanley Young paces back and forth on the phone. The unemployed construction worker and single father is desperately trying to find a permanent home for his family but time is running out.

The challenge for the Youngs is finding a place large enough for their family.

There are a total of eight in the family.

Time is running out. On August 13th, the family must leave the hotel. Young says he’s working with the Red Cross, the District of Columbia Office of the Tenant Advocate, his family and his church, hoping they'll find something.

To make things more complicated, the mother of all his children passed away about a year ago.

"They're my life. they're my world,” Young says. “Now I see what single mothers go through."

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