Yorktown High School in Arlington evacuated after chemical spill

Arlington County Fire Dept. on scene at Yorktown High School for a hazmat spill. (Photo: Mike Rudd/WJLA)

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - A high school in Arlington was evacuated early Monday morning after a teacher spilled a chemical inside of a room.

The Arlington County Fire Department responded to a call around 7:43 a.m. for a hazmat issue at Yorktown High School. A teacher spilled a 1500 mL bottle of hydrochloric acid inside one of the laboratory classrooms, according to a spokesperson for the department.

It is unclear how much acid was in the container, but the spill affected a 3x4 area in the room. There were no injuries.

The first floor of the school was evacuated. Air testing by firefighters showed additional levels of the school were clear.

Firefighters have neutralized the acid and are waiting for a contracting company to clean up the spill.

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FYI: Prior to the beginning of school at Yorktown High School today, a small chemical spill occurred in one of the third...

Posted by Arlington Public Schools on Monday, May 11, 2015
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