Working Women: Kury Cobham

Kury Cobham at the roller derby (Photo: WJLA)

Kury Cobham is an operations manager at the World Bank. She handles millions of dollars in grant money and has traveled the world, including Iraq, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Like most of us in Washington, she needs to blow off steam. But Cobham isn’t like most of us in how she does that.

Cobham’s alter ego is “Nubian Nemesis,” the fiery blocker with the Cherry Blossom Bombshells, a women's roller derby team. She uses “Nubian” to honor her North African heritage and “Nemesis” because “you should be afraid of me, stand back, get away!” she says.

Women’s roller derby is often rough and raucous, always fast-paced and full of action. During a roller derby match, you can see Nemesis weaving in and out of the pack, her goal as a blocker is to help “jammers” or “scorers” get through and score points. Crowds at the D.C. Armory can surpass 2,000 and it’s a family-friendly environment.

“My favorite feeling is when I have connected really well with one of my opponents and she goes flying,” she said.

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