Woman who tried to jump White House fence arrested by Secret Service for a third time

(From Bill Hennessy)

The woman who tried to jump the White House fence Tuesday has been arrested near the White House early Sunday morning -- her third arrest near the White House in six days.

Secret Service says they caught 38-year-old Marci Anderson Wahl after an alarm went off and she scaled a fence near the southeast corner of the Treasury Building adjacent to 15th Street, N.W. at around 2:15 a.m.

Wahl had a backpack and sleeping bag with her when she was arrested, an official said. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal team cleared the items and found no weapons or hazardous materials on Wahl.

Wahl was also arrested Tuesday when she attempted to jump over the southwest corner of the fence adjacent to E St. around 10:45 p.m., but became “entangled in the security features affixed to the top.” Secret Service confirmed she was suspended in the air on the inside of the fence. A police report stated Wahl's shoelaces became entangled, forcing her upside-down.

This first incident happened because Wahl says she wanted to "speak with President Donald Trump," police say.

She was arrested for unlawful entry. Wahl was later issued a "Stay Away" order and released after appearing court on Wednesday.

Wahl was arrested again on Friday after one officer saw her at 16th Street and H Street, N.W, near Lafayette Park. Wahl was charged with Contempt of Court in violation of a stay away order. She then pled not guilty in Superior Court for the District of Columbia on Saturday. Wahl was released after being ordered to appear before the court again on April 27.

After the arrest Sunday, Wahl has been charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court.

Earlier this month, a 26 year old man scaled the fence and walked the grounds of the White House for about 15 minutes until he was caught. He was carrying two canisters of Mace pepper spray when he was arrested.

The recent security breaches have brought the Secret Service under heightened scrutiny and have renewed the debate for a new White House fence.

Wahl appeared in court on Monday. A judge ordered that she stay behind bars until her April 3 hearing.

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