Woman sews surgical caps for children at hospital 5 days after fire damages her Md. home

Margot Chappell is sewing caps for patients at Children's Hospital. Chapell recently had her Silver Spring, Md. home destroyed by a fire. Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 (Amy Aubert/ABC7)

Five days after a fire tore through Margot and Milton Chappell’s Silver Spring, Maryland home, the retired grandmother is back to work.

“You got to have some challenge!” Chappell said, smiling as she threaded a needle in a sewing machine.

She sews caps to be donated to children who are about to undergo surgery.

“The idea that it’ll bring a little light to a child, just a little, just a little, teeny light and make their life just a little better makes me feel good,” she said, looking up from her sewing machine.

Each stitch is a reminder of a child who might soon wear the cap.

“I think about him going into surgery and I think about his parents and grandparents and put in a good word for them,” she said.

The Sunday afternoon fire that tore through the Chappell’s home destroyed a stack of caps ready to be donated. Shards of glass still were strewn across the ground outside of their home on Friday.

“I would have my house burn down any day before I’d have my grandchildren have to have chemo or some of the awful things that the children go through,” she said.

Her sewing machine is now lost in a pile of charred and destroyed belongings that sits outside of their home. A donated machine and materials are now keeping her project going.

“I just can’t believe the strangers that have come up and heard about things,” Chappell said, of the donations that are pouring in to help her to be able to continue to sew.

Word spread after Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington’s Executive Director, Ken Flemmer, posted the need in community groups.

“You have this felt need that she had. I’ve got to step in, I can’t let these kids down. And you just want to support that,” Flemmer said.

Flemmer said someone donated cloth for the caps soon after he made the online post. Anyone interested in donating can bring the donations to Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington.

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