Winter weather on tap for weekend in DC area

Winter weather on tap for weekend in DC area (ABC7)

Temperatures are going to be so low in Washington, D.C., this weekend that District officials are issuing a cold alert.

The temps are expected to be in the teens.

The city is opening more spaces at its’ 17 homeless shelters.

On Wednesday night, the shelters house more than 1,500 people as well as more than 630 families.

Carter Hewgley, with the Department of Human Services, is asking people to call the 24-hour Shelter Hotline at (202) 399-7093 if they see anyone who is risking their lives by sleeping outside.

“You know, you see someone every day on the street and you’re not sure where they stay, if you’re still seeing them out there, call the shelter hotline, let us know, the time the location, describe their appearance and we will make sure a team comes out and checks on them,” said Hewgley.

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