West Virginia high school marching band to play second straight inaugural parade

Only a small percentage of U.S. high schools ever get the chance to march in an inaugural parade. To do it twice in a row is almost unheard of.

But that’s exactly what the band from Frankfort High School in Short Gap, West Virginia, will be doing on Friday.

“To be selected the first time, I thought was a rarity,” said band director Roger Walker. “And then to go a second time was like, 'Wow.'”

Walker says he’s not entirely sure why Frankfort High was selected for a second time. He says it would be a big deal for any high school, but especially for one with just 560 students and 74 band members.

“That’s quite an honor for such a small school,” he said. “Most of the schools that you’re going to see at this parade, they probably have school enrollments of double, triple what we have.”

“Everybody knows. It’s been the talk of the town,” said senior band member Ivy Lloyd. “I think they’re all really proud of us.”

Frankfort High is one of only two public high schools in Mineral County, W. Va., which according to the latest census numbers has a population of 27,451. The high school is about six miles south of Cumberland, Maryland, and about 130 miles from Washington.

The band will be playing for a new president who is very popular in Mineral County. Donald Trump won the county by an astonishing 60 percentage points. In 2012, Barack Obama lost Mineral County to Mitt Romney by 45%.

Members of the band say this is an honor whether the election winner was popular in their county or not.

“It’s the president,” said Lloyd. “No matter who they are, we’re marching in front of them. It’s the respect for them.”

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