WeGrow coming to D.C.

The franchise known as the "Walmart of Weed" is opening it's first East Coast location, here in D.C.

WeGrow markets itself as "the first full-service hydroponic superstore." The store's owner hopes to rack up the green as D.C. legalizes medical marijuana.

In addition to locations in California, the franchise is expanding to Arizona, Colorado and the District, where medical marijuana has become legal, despite federal warnings to the contrary.

"We're not selling something that hasn't been grown before commercially," said WeGrow franchise owner Alex Wong.

Wong plans to open the D.C. store in March.

"It's for any green thumb," Wong said. "People who want to grow hydroponically with soil, with water. Medical marijuana is just one subset."

It's important to note that no marijuana seeds will be sold here.

The store will be located at the corner of Franklin Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE replacing a used car lot.

The owner says inside the 2,500 square foot shop, customers will find a wide range of indoor gardening products.

"There's no live plants, nothing green," Wong said. "It supplies the raw materials so the people who grow it legally, can grow it legally."

Still, neighbors have mixed feelings about the new store next door.

"Naturally you would be concerned about any populace of people coming to a [neighborhood] they weren't coming to before," said neighbor Michael Fields.

The store will likely sell pipes and other paraphernalia in addition to gardening tools and supplies.

Staff will offer classes and advice like recipes for marijuana consumption and tips for growing the plant.

"It's not easy to grow your perfect strain or product," Wong said. "You know not everyone has a green thumb. It will take work."

Under D.C. law, only ten cultivation centers will be authorized to grow the plant.

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