WATCH: Man rescued from Gaithersburg cell tower

Cell phone tower technician Isaac Dupree had only been on the job four months. And on one of the coldest days of the year, he found himself Wednesday in Gaithersburg 180 feet off the ground and in so much trouble he knew he had to call 911 for help.

With a wind chill of about 10 degrees, and at the top of this tower, Dupree's hands went numb. His legs began to cramp up.

Knowing it would be several minutes before the fire department would arrive, Dupree's co-worker Rob Bonsall geared-up and climbed up the tower after him.

“Numerous of times when I was climbing up with the rescue rope, I asked him if he could climb down to me and he said no,” Bonsall says.

So Bonsall continued to climb up to the top of the tower. When he arrived at the top, Bonsall attached the safety ropes to Dupree and back down the tower they went.

On the ground, rescue crews checked out Dupree and sent him to the hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia and dehydration.

For Bonsall, it was just another day on the job 180 feet off the ground.

“I'd do it again tomorrow,” he says. “Basically, I just put my training into action and the gentleman is going to be safe.”

It just happens to be Bonsall’s birthday too.

Watch the entire dramatic rescue in the video posted.

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