WATCH: A bicyclist is struck by a vehicle in NE D.C.

    A morning commute on Rhode Island Avenue in NE turned violent after the driver of Toyota Tacoma allegedly swerved to hit a bicyclist, sending the biker to crash into the ground. The bicyclist is sent to the hospital.

    The entire incident was caught on the cyclist’s helmet and can be seen here.

    “I think this driver should be arrested, he assaulted someone in a way that very easily could have killed them,” said Shane Farthing, executive director of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

    Captain Brian Grogan says detectives have now identified the vehicle owner and are trying to figure out who was driving and that the suspect could face hit and charges.

    Cyclist DeShawn Teller wasn't surprised when ABC7 should him the video.

    “Stuff like that happen all the time in DC.,” he said. “People don't care for the cyclists you know.”

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