Townhouse where JFK and Jackie met is up for sale

Photo of townhouse in Washington, D.C. where JFK and Jackie met. The home is set to go on sale, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018 (Caroline Patrickis/ABC7)

The Georgetown home where John Fitzgerald Kennedy met Jacqueline Bouvier is officially on the market for $1.7 million.

TTR Sotheby's agent Michael Brennan Jr. team gave ABC7 news a private tour of the home that was built in 1895.

WATCH: ABC7's Caroline Patrickis takes a tour of the $1.7 million Georgetown townhouse where JFK and Jackie met

Jessica Brosey and Ben Snider say the home was the scene of the 1951 dinner party orchestrated by journalist Charles Bartlett, his wife Martha Joseph Kennedy. Bartlett was renting the home at the time. The goal of the dinner party was to introduce the future president and the future first lady.

It was only two years after indulging in cocktails, chicken casserole and a game of charades, the couple married in Rhode Island.

Since then, the house has been expanded to include the property next door which was 3417 Q Street. The price is set at $1,725,000. It comes with three bedrooms and two and a half bathroom. Snider says it also comes with a garage that is extremely rare for the area.

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