Washington Auto Show rolls into town

For the next few days, the 2012 Washington Auto Show will be on display at the Convention Center. Auto sales are ticking up and some are even buying luxury cars on the spot.

"We come every year," said visitor Mike Fekula.

"It's always really fun to watch because this is the one place where you can see [the cars] all at the same time, same place," said visitor William Thompson.

Just three-and-a-half years after the bailout, car sales are trending up.

"I just bought a car," said visitor Tom Shadow. "I was waiting for the autoshow to come down. I feel great. I feel like I got a good deal."

With roughly 700 cars, visitors get a taste of everything from cars that run on vegetable oil to relaunches like the Dodge Dart to the flower that makes men swoon.

"The Lotus, the Lotus dream car," said visitor Bob Svinski. "Always good to see those."

Even the most novice drivers were getting in on the action.

When you talk to customers, it seems that they want everything. They want cool colors, great designs, reliable safety features. But when you talk to dealers, there's just one constant: these cars are pretty hot and business is pretty good.

Even the Chevrolet Volt got some positive attention, despite recent concerns over the cars safety.

"I hear it's had some bad press, but I think GM probably has too much money invested in it to let that mess them up," said visitor Earl Newsome.

It's that confidence that dealers say has been a driving force for their good fortune. Perhaps a sign of better economic times to come.

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