Warm weather brings more ticks

    You don't normally need to worry about ticks this early in spring. But things are different this year.

    Because of the mild winter, we’re going to have more ticks. A hard freeze normally would have killed off more larvae.

    You can remove the tick yourself with tweezers or take him to the vet or dog groomers where they have special tools that get the entire tick.

    Most people are already taking precautions.

    "This year we'll make sure we're on top of his tick treatment,” says Jonathan Kelsey, a D.C. resident.

    Of course the big concern with ticks is Lyme disease. DR Katy Nelson says there are some tell-tale signs when pets get the infection, such as decrease in appetite, increased thirst and urination and an odd limp.

    And if your dog is diagnosed with Lyme disease, you probably won't need antibiotics.

    "Ninety-five percent of dogs will clear the infection of Lyme disease on their own so they don't need antibiotics," Nelson says.

    But with the mild winter and increased numbers of ticks, experts say you must keep a close eye on your pets.

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