Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine takes national spotlight as Hillary Clinton's VP pick

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine takes national spotlight as Hillary Clinton's VP pick (ABC7)

Friends and colleagues of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine say he is the right choice as Hillary Clinton's running mate.

"He likes to work with Republicans. He likes to listen to people who disagree with him. He has strong views but they're not so strong that he's close-minded about them," said former Va. Congressman, Jim Moran, a longtime friend and colleague of Kaine.

Kaine debuted with Clinton at a campaign event in Miami on Saturday, where he impressed the crowd by speaking in Spanish. He is fluent in the language and has worked closely with Latino organizations, including CASA de Maryland. Gustavo Torres is the executive director of CASA de Action.

"We are very, very excited about this because he's a person that we have known for many years. He has strongly supported our community locally but also at the national level," Torres said.

Kaine has served at nearly every level of government, serving as mayor of Richmond, Va., Governor of Va., Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, on the U.S. Senate and on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"He is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one," Clinton said.

During Saturday's campaign event, Kaine pointed to his experience as a politician.

"If I'm good at anything in public life, it's good because I started at the local level, listening to people, learning about their lives and trying to find consensus to solve problems," Kaine said.

Back at his home in Virginia, Kaine's friend, Jim Moran said that Kaine on the VP ticket has re-energized his faith in politics.

"My hope is restored," Moran said. "I do think that this country can be all it was meant to be and needs to be. I think Tim is somebody that the rest of the world will look to for leadership."

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