Virginia, Maryland raise issue with D.C.'s wildlife law

A new law in the District which prevents the use of devices that are harmful to trapping animals is being debated by politicians in both Maryland and Virginia.

A Maryland legislator said he's introducing a bill to keep D.C.'s trapped wildlife out of Maryland.

John Adcock runs Adcock Trapping Service which operates in the DMV area. He says it's illegal to dump animals in either state. His problem with the new law is that it's costly to homeowners and requires more work to save nuisance animals.

"The animals are in their houses," Adcock said. "They're chewing up their electrical wiring, they're destroying their homes, they're ripping roofs apart and I can't use the tools that I have."

The Human Society showed some of the devices used to catch animals and said they are wrong.

"Just because an animal is trying to get into a house to survive and stay warm, it doesn't mean it should be tortured," said Scott Giacoppo, vice President of the Washington Humane Society.


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