Vigil held for Adrian Kinard, Maryland security guard shot and killed

    CAPITOL HEIGHTS, M.d. (WJLA) - 5 years ago Adrian Kinard lost his 17-year-old brother Joseph Sharps Jr., an honor roll student and athlete at Spingarn High in Washington DC, to gun violence.

    Family members say that moment inspired Kinard to dedicate his profession life to protecting and serving others. They say he earned a college degree in criminal justice and was proud of his work as an armed security guard at Central Gardens Apartments in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

    They also say Kinard was only weeks away from taking the entrance exam to become a Prince George's County police officer when he was shot and killed while on the job.

    Police say it happened last Friday at around 1 a.m. They say Kinard and another security guard were filling out paperwork when ambushed. They say his partner survived the shooting. Kinard did not.

    “And Lord God we just come to you Lord God that justice will be served Lord God," prays Kinard's sister Ashanti Sharps.

    Thursday night family and friends held a candlelight vigil for Adrian Kinard in the very parking lot where he lost his life.

    “It’s just very upsetting. Adrian did not deserve this. He was such a lovable person," says Kinard's fiance Virginia Arausa.

    Kinard's mother Cynthia says her son was a goodhearted man. "This is heartbreaking. He was good, good young man, respectable. He loved people," says his mother.

    Cynthia Kinard says her family, once again shattered by the specter of violence, will now focus on justice as they did 5 years ago. In 2012 20 year old Kwam Kearney was sentenced to 60 years in prison for killing Adrian Kinard's little brother Joseph Sharps Jr. Now their hope is that justice will again be served for a family once again in mourning.

    Arausa says, “I just beg anyone that knows any information to please come forward. We need to bury Adrian in peace.”

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