Adam Kokesh loads shotgun in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza in YouTube video

The video shows Kokesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza. Photo: YouTube

A video posted to YouTube Thursday appears to show social activist and outspoken Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh loading a shotgun in Washington's Freedom Plaza.

Kokesh, who planned and then canceled an armed march on the District of Columbia that was scheduled for the 4th of July, is depicted in the 22-second video loading several shells into a shotgun and making a cryptic statement about the "final American revolution."

"We will not be silent, we will not obey...we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity," Kokesh said while loading rounds into a gun.

United States Park Police officials say that they can't confirm that the video was taken today, but the timestamp on the YouTube video indicates that it was posted on Thursday. A graphic displayed during the video says it was shot Thursday.

Authorities say they're working to determine whether the video is real or not.

Officials say that there's also no "ongoing threat." Open carry of firearms in the District of Columbia is illegal.

Kokesh, 31, announced on his radio show in early May that he was planning an open carry march on Washington for Independence Day. He said on the event's Facebook page that its aim was to "put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny."

Shortly after his announcement, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that no permits to hold a march in Washington had been filed and warned Kokesh and his supporters that they had to "know the rules of the game" before coming to D.C.

"We'll do everything that we can to make sure that everyone understands exactly what the rules of the game are before they march into a jurisdiction in which the actions they are taking may be illegal, and that there are consequences to those actions," Lanier told NewsChannel 8's Bruce DePuyt.

Several weeks later, Kokesh changed his plans and called for open carry marches on state capitals nationwide, not just the District.

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