VDOT inspects road signs in NoVa

Ten days ago, a huge sign hanging over I-66 fell on a pick-up truck, causing a huge traffic jam. The driver wasn't hurt, but the collapse caused concern among motorists and Virginia Department of Transportation officials, who have since launched an investigation.

More than 260 cantilevered signs hang over roadways in Northern Virginia. So far, crews have inspected more than 25 of them. Through ultrasonic testing, crews discovered three of the 30-foot high, 40-foot wide signs had cracked anchor bolts. The signs were removed immediately.

The signs were along I-95 near the Prince William Parkway. It is not immediately known what caused the bolts to break. Meanwhile, temporary signs fill in for the downed signs.

For driver Lisa Davis, that is little comfort.

"I think it's scary every time I go under those underpasses I think something is going to fall," Davis said. "All the money that we pay for taxes, that is crazy."

Some motorists trust VDOT will rectify the problem before any more signs come crashing down.

"If it was that big of a deal it would have been taken care of by now," a motorist said. "Got to trust the people who are experts in this."

Sign inspections have been suspended for the holiday, but will resume Tuesday. VDOT plans to add more crews to speed up inspections and hopes to have them complete as soon as possible.

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