Va. governor signs higher education enrollment bill that provides protection for students

Va. governor signs higher education enrollment bill to provide protection for students

Governor McAuliffe signed a higher education enrollment bill on Monday that would require greater disclosure to Virginia students and protect them from being taken advantage of by out-of-state and private for-profit schools.

The legislation was signed into law at the Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun Campus in Sterling, Virginia around 9 a.m.

The new bill requires that institutions disclose information such as graduation rates, financial aid and whether credits will transfer to other schools.

“Many of these for-profit schools do great work; many of them come in and take advantage of students. Now they’re going to have to disclose upfront exactly what they’re offering, exactly how much it’s going to cost. This is a real protection effort for our students,” Gov. McAuliffe said after signing the bill.

The governor also says many of these schools have slick marketing and find students who are easy targets. He hopes the new legislation will go a long way in preventing students from wasting time and money and ending up with nothing in return.

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