Woman shows compassion for ex-boyfriend who poisoned tea causing her to lose baby

    An Arlington doctor has been sentenced to spiking his girlfriend's tea causing abortion. Friday, May 18, 2018.

    Brooke Fiske was excited to be a mother last April, but then she unexpectedly had a problem during her pregnancy.

    Detectives later learned that Sikander Imran dropped dangerous pills in her tea. The pills caused her to lose her unborn baby boy.

    As a doctor, Imran knew the side effects would be lethal.

    At the time, Imran and Fiske were dating.

    “I think that when something tragic happens, it is really important to find a way to move forward and to use it for good,” Fiske said.

    In court Friday, Fiske showed compassion for Imran by asking a judge for a lighter punishment for Imran.

    The judge listened to Fiske and sentenced him to three years in prison with 17 years suspended.

    Imran’s attorney argued that he was mentally unstable.

    “To me, the length of time that he serves in prison isn’t what’s important,” Fiske said. “I think that it is really important that people know that if they are dealing with depression before they do something, they should reach out and get help.”

    Imran no longer has his medical license and he could be deported to Pakistan.

    “Life doesn’t stop because something awful has happened and the world keeps on going,” Fiske said.

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