Tysons Corner to become simply Tysons

Tysons Corner to become simply Tysons (ABC7)

TYSONS CORNER, Va. (ABC7) --The name of Tysons Corner is about to change, officially.

The U.S. Census Bureau is changing the name used for this part of Fairfax County from Tysons Corner to just Tysons.

According to a spokesperson for the Tysons Partnership, Tysons,Virginia will be on the map, literally, with online mapping systems adding the address with their systems.

Some businesses will also have to add Tysons to their current mailing addresses of either McLean or Vienna.

The change comes amidst major development in the Tysons area.

Tysons Corner started with a small country store at the corner of two country roads, but over the past few decades the area has turned a corner.

There are currently seven major development projects underway in the area, with four more planned next year.

The president for the Tysons Partnership says this a great way to rebrand the area, but people in the aren't so sure it's the right move.

The change could also mean a change for the new Tysons Corner Metro station. The station could at some point just be the Tysons stop on the Silver Line.

A spokesman for Metro says a name change would have to be requested and paid for by the jurisdiction.

If approved the signs likely won't change until Phase Two of the Silver Line opens when maps and signs will already have to be updated.

As for the signs on the road, VDOT says money won't be spent to put up brand new signs to reflect the name change.

The new name is expected to be used on future signs as the existing ones are replaced for routine maintenance.

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