Two weeks post-Blizzard, mail delays continue for some

Two weeks post-Blizzard, mail delays continue for some

Two weeks after the blizzard, some people are still dealing with mail delivery delays. For some, the letters are starting to trickle in.

"Oh, well, it's not going to be consistent," said Alexandria resident, Mary Chadduck, of her mail service. "I'm not worried about that. I know that it's not going to be consistent."

Chadduck says her first mail delivery since the blizzard came on Thursday. Included in the pile of mail was a tax document dated January 21.

"It's not unreasonable in a big storm like that that it's going to be a little bit late," she said, "and then it got a little bit later and a little bit later."

She says it's the worst delay she's seen since moving to Alexandria in 1997. Others argue that the snowstorm pointed to problems that have already been there.

"It's as if you had been driving your car for a long time with tires that have no tread and then you get a flat tire," said Terry Carter, of the service after the storm.

In Bowie, Leon Shanks says he has started to get some mail this week, but he's worried about the reliability.

"The schools have been reopened, the roads are clear, the way I'm thinking, there should be no excuses now," said Shanks.

USPS says they are operating normally and they expect to make all mail deliveries on Friday. The acknowledge that the blizzard did cause some service interruptions, but say they worked hard to correct them quickly. They urge anyone continuing to have issues to contact their local postmaster.

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