Two chihuahuas rescued from Bowie house fire

Both of the rescued dogs are in good condition and were released to their owner. Photo: Prince George's County Fire

(WJLA) - A vacant house in Bowie suffered tens of thousands of dollars in damage when it caught fire Wednesday morning, but firefighters were able to rescue to very important non-human residents from the flames.

Firefighters who arrived at the two-story home on Sandal Lane in Bowie at about 9 a.m. found no one inside, but they were able to find two small Chihuahuas on the ground floor and whisked them to safety.

Officials say that at least one person lived in the home despite it being in foreclosure; a look into how that person may have been connected to the house is ongoing. That person was not home at the time of the fire.

During a sweep of the home after the fire was extinguished, though, firefighters found the two small dogs, one of which was near death. They were able to use special pet oxygen masks to revive the critically injured dog, and both are now deemed to be in good condition.

The owner of the dogs later came and claimed the animals.

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