Two adults, one infant found dead in home near New Market

Photo: Tom Roussey/WJLA

{}NEW MARKET, Md. (WJLA) - The blown-out skylight on the roof of this home on Woods Court in New Market dramatically reveals what happened here on Wednesday night.

Forty-year-old Benyam Asefa, 42-year-old Barbara Giomorelli, and their three-month-old son Samuel were all killed from gunshot wounds. Police are calling the incident a murder-suicide, but are not revealing much as to who is responsible for the shooting.

Their five-year-old daughter Amelia was able to hide and save herself, according to Captain Tim Clark with the Frederick County Sheriff's Dept. Police say that after the gunfire around 8:00 p.m., Amelia left her hiding place and ran just down the road to a neighbor’s house for help.

"I remember seeing the mom with the baby and the baby carriage with the little girl at the bus stop,” said Lisa Ecker, who lives just down the street and drives the bus for the local elementary school. She saw Amelia and her parents every school day.

"I was just talking to him yesterday morning and he put Amelia on the bus and was happy and smiling -- I would not have known there was anything wrong," she continued.

Benyam Asefa and Barbara Giomorelli were both scientists. He was also a professor at Hood College.

Clark says the girl is currently in the care of Child Protective Services.


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