Tribute held in memory of 12-year-old boy who died from cancer

12-year-old Alex Green. (ABC7 photo)

Alex Green was only 12-years-old when he died, but he is still changing the world.

On Friday night, as usual, the Battlefield High School football field in Haymarket was filled with purple football jerseys-- but the stands were filled with gold shirts.

It was a tribute to Alex and other kids with cancer.

This summer the 12-year-old lost his battle to Wilms’ Tumor, which is a rare kidney cancer. Green was diagnosed with it when he was 5 years old.

"We immediately just kind of fell apart,” said Alex’s mom, Jenni Green.

Despite the chemotherapy and surgeries— one of which left Alex paralyzed— Alex never stopped being a kid. From his wheelchair, Alex played everything from football to basketball. He even played hockey from a sled.

"I think it was just his determination. His strength,” said Green.

Alex even set his alarm twice a day to do 20 push-ups.

When he became too sick, the community started the #Twenty4Alex campaign, in which people sent in videos of their own push-ups.

"I was able to tell him that, you know, this is how you inspire people. Just by being you," Green said.

Alex died in June, but his parents kept his hope alive through the non-profit, Alex’s Army, which helps kids with cancer.

"I am just so proud to be his mom because he was so mature and we learned so much from him and I know I will continue to learn from him even though he is not with us," said Green.

Alex may have been missing from Friday’s football game at Battlefield High School, but Alex’s Army was there. A sea of gold shirts blanketed the stands. And the cheerleaders and football players did those 20 push-ups as a tribute to their local hero.

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