Transit Screen now available in 12 bars across D.C. region

Transit Screen now available in 12 bars across D.C. region (ABC7)

Up to the minute information on Metro, Rail and Bus, Uber and Lyft are now available all on one screen inside D.C. area bars.

"We want to be the one single source for people to look and see the new services out there and know the best way home that's safe and affordable."

Transit Screen, which has previously been in office and apartment lobbies, is now available to people out on the town.

The real-time information can be seen on the digital Jukebox Touch Tunes in 12 bars across the D.C. region.

In some bars, Uber is listed and in others, Lyft is shown but not at the same time, because of a deal they currently have with the company, but that will soon change.

"Bike Share is not an option, car share is not an option because we don't want people who have had something to drink to use Bike Share or Car Share."

Transit Screen puts information that previously would only be available on separate apps or websites together all in one place.

Co-founder Ryan Croft likens it to arrival screens at the airport.

"Think of that same concept for cities. Look around and see all the options and make a quick, educated decision without looking at your phone," said Croft.

RFD and Rocket Bar in Chinatown are among the bars with the new feature.

Rocket Bar General Manager Rodney Thompson says with everything going on currently with Metro, it's great for customers.

The plan is to expand to many more locations across the D.C. metropolitan area by the end of the year.

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