Trails for Youth helps kids unwind and experience nature

(Photo courtesy Trails for Youth)

Every week a group of kids rides into Lake Accotink Park in Fairfax, where they hop onto mountain bikes and pedal away the stressors in their lives.

"Trails for Youth" is aimed at helping disadvantaged youth spend time in nature.

Some of the kids say they might not otherwise be outside, let alone exercising.

The kids take to the trails to learn how to ride safely as well as how to approach challenges in their lives.

“I learned that when I get tired, I can keep going and get to have fun with more people too,” says 12-year-old William Pennington.

And while their time in the saddle may only last an hour, it's dedicated time to branch out, breathe in and unwind.

I feel relaxed and safe and free,” says Frank Carlos Salcedo, 12.

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