Tractor-trailers among 20-plus vehicles in chain reaction crashes in Maryland

Photo: Maryland State Police

(WJLA/AP) - In Maryland, a chain-reaction accident on Interstate 81 at Rt. 58 in Washington County involving more than 20 vehicles delayed snow removal efforts for hours.

The highway was closed for more than three hours after a tractor-trailer ran into the median to avoid cars that had spun out.

It was hit by another tractor-trailer that overturned and spilled its load. Several other tractor-trailers ran off the road and jackknifed as their drivers tried to avoid the crash.

Maryland State Police say there were approximately 12-15 separate accidents involving 20-plus vehicles. While many vehicles were pulled out and drivable, multiple heavy duty and conventional tow trucks responded to help clear the roadway.

I-81 North and South were closed for approximately 3 hours due to the road being blocked. I-81North was opened up shortly after 3 pm and I-81 South opened after 4 pm.

Multiple collisions are being reported on I-70, I-81, and I-68 in Washington County, MD.

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