Tour groups flock to Lincoln Memorial ahead of Presidents Day


    The rain and chilly weather didn’t deter visiting school groups from touring the national monuments Sunday night over Presidents Day weekend. Students got a hands-on history lesson and in many cases, it was a first-time trip to the nation’s capital.

    When asked to pick a favorite Commander in Chief, the visiting teens’ answers ranged from early American history to present day.

    “Donald Trump.”

    “George Washington.”

    “John F. Kennedy.”

    “Richard Nixon.”

    “President Obama.”

    “Ronald Reagan.”

    No matter the favorite, all the presidents get recognized Monday.

    “It’s very emotional for me. It makes me very proud to be an American and I love how we celebrate great people in our history,” said Ann Thompson, visiting from Minnesota.

    Thompson was one of the chaperones traveling with 300 4-H youth from around the country. For many of the teens, it was their first time in Washington, D.C.

    “I’m feeling very special to be here,” said 4-H member and high school freshman Mohamed Mustafa, visiting from Minnesota.

    Another group from Houston walked up to the top of the Lincoln Memorial for a close-up look at the 16th president.

    “What grade are you guys in?” asked ABC7 reporter Victoria Sanchez.

    “Eighth!” said the group.

    “Do you say everything in unison?” asked Sanchez with a smile.

    “Yes!” said the group as they started to laugh.

    “I told the kids today, it was like 'Night at the Museum' that we are actually living history. You read about it, you learn about it, but now you’re actually getting to experience it,” chaperone Kim Moore said.

    For many, history comes to life in the shadow of Lincoln’s towering 19-foot-tall marble statue.

    “I’m super excited. I took a bunch of pictures and everything,” said Darell Carrillo, visiting from Anaheim, California. “The fact that I’m able to stay on Presidents Day is pretty great and the fact that I’m in Washington, D.C. I’m just like really happy that I’m able to experience it here.”

    “I’m a history major so this is my thing. I love learning about US presidents,” said Andrea Rice, a Westmont College student currently studying in the District.

    Locals pass by the monuments every day. Monday, take a minute to remember what they mean to you and the country.

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