Tim McBride, American University student body president, comes out as transgendered

The most recent student body president at American University made a big revelation while stepping down from the position.{}

Tim McBride says he actually identifies as a woman and is a transgendered person.

McBride says his year as student government president was his most rewarding yet.

"If I could make the world a little more accepting and little more fairer, it would somehow make me feel complete," McBride added.

While it was Tim who took office, it's Sarah who will be leaving it.

After 21 years, McBride says she finally feels like she's in the right skin.

"I go to school in an environment that's accepting.{} The hardest part for me was coming to terms with it in relation to my ego, in my relation to my ambitions and my dreams," McBride explained.

Those dreams, political ones, which is why she served in the Undergraduate Senate, vice president of College Democrats and eventually Student Government president.

McBride said, "I realized as fulfilling as it was professionally to work on issues of equality and fairness, it only underscored my own internal struggles more."

In an open letter published in the school newspaper, "The Eagle," McBride shared her decision to be true to emotions she'd been fighting for so many years.{}She says she made the bold move because she wanted to share her lifelong feeling of being born in the wrong body.

"You feel claustrophobic, you look around and know everyone else feels comfortable. On some level it's like that," McBride added.

McBride says the outpouring of love and support from her campus community has been beyond her expectations.

She says she's even gotten some national support. Earlier this month, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Foundation" tweeted about her story.

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