Terrible Tuesday traffic might not be so terrible

Terrible Tuesday traffic might not be so terrible (ABC7)

For many commuters, including Luis Montes, the Tuesday after Labor Day, dubbed Terrible Tuesday, is often dreaded.

"I personally think it's gonna be bad on Tuesday once everyone gets back on the road," Montes tells ABC7.

But according to new data, the traffic that day isn't always the nightmare it's made out to be.

"Is terrible Tuesday so terrible well not always, just sometimes sometimes but often it's just part of the longer term 2-3 week transition that we see moving from vacation time in August To the routine drive in September," says Transportation Planning Board Planner, Ben Hampton.

However with all area students back in class, Congress back in session and a Safetrack surge ongoing, some drivers aren't convinced the roads will be smooth sailing.

"It's kinda hard to believe it's been my experience over the years it's not been fun," says one DC driver.

Over the next couple of weeks drivers should expect slow downs.

The data analyzed by the Transportation Planning Board shows September commuted can be anywhere from 15 to 45 percent slower than August, particularly in the morning.

Luis Montes says he still plans to leave early next week.

"Be ready for sure there's always an accident and so that's another 30 minutes," Montes adds.

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