Protesters damage property in Northwest D.C.

Around 60 protesters damaged property around midnight Sunday to Monday morning near the Mount Vernon Square and Gallery Place neighborhoods, MPD officials say.

Police located 3 separate locations of damage:

-DVA Federal Credit Union ATM at 800 K St. NW. The front of ATM screen was completely smashed.

-TD Bank at 901 7th St. NW. A window was smashed and yellow paint was thrown on a side window.

-Hooters at 825 7th St. NW. A window was smashed out by a man wearing a black mask.

The group also dropped pamphlets on the ground near the{}TD Bank. The pamphlets said, "Against Every Cop. Against Every Boss. Against Every President."

The group dispersed in several directions and police were not able to make any arrests.

D.C. police detectives are working on obtaining surveillance video and further investigating the incidents.

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