Super Bowl 2013: Georgetown's Wingo's expects to sell 30,000 wings

Along a narrow cobblestoned street in Georgetown, a place that barely squeezes in three customers may just be the busiest business in Washington on this auspicious Sunday.

Wingo's manager Mike Arthur is beyond busy filling chicken wing orders on his industry's biggest day of the year.

"This is the Christmas of the wing business,” he says.

In fact, calling in or coming in on game day meant at least a three hour wait. Abraham and his roommate Lychee ordered at 1 p.m. Four hours later, they got their food to go.

Wingo's regular Eddie Bradley planned ahead.

"I called last Monday I think for these,” he says of his chicken wings.

The customers and the chicken, kept coming.

What you won't see near this assembly line of spiced poultry is the Ravens-49ers game.

There's no TV, no distractions.

"Gotta keep working, keep working,” Arthur says.

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