DC-area students rally at the White House for gun reform

DC-area students rally at the White House for gun reform. (ABC7)

This week, students and teachers returned to Santa Fe High School in Texas for the first time since the shooting rampage that killed 10 people.

Today, at the White House, Montgomery County and DC-area students rallied for changes to gun laws.

The students remembered those who lost lives in the latest flurry of bullets inside what is supposed to be a sanctuary of learning, a school.

“Last week we saw a terrible high school shooting at Santa Fe, Texas. And we can't let that go unnoticed. We have to speak out for those that we lost and for those we can save,” said Daniel Gelillo, a senior at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville.

They raise their voices in hopes someone in power in Washington will hear them.

“We're not unmotivated by the fact that gun violence continues,” said Claire Gelillo, a Richard Montgomery freshman. “If anything, it's a motivation to keep active to keep moving forward, towards a positive change.”

The students said they were driven by outrage, frustration, and determination.

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