Frederick man races to save the irreplaceable after storms flood his home

Jim Armstrong surveys the damage after storms flooded his Frederick home. (ABC7)

“You can still see the mess that we still gotta go through in here,” said Jim Armstrong, stepping down into his basement.

It’s a mess that he says he spent all night cleaning. Water still sloshed under his feet on Wednesday, but that’s nothing, he says, compared to the more than 10 inches of water that filled the basement the night before.

“Everything that we own was floating around—plastic tubs, cardboard boxes torn open—soaked,” he said.

He lives on North Market Street in Frederick. He says on Tuesday night, you couldn’t see the road in front of his home.

“This was like white water flooding, a white water river,” he said, pointing to the road.

Debris on his wife’s car marks how high the water came up. The couple thinks both of their cars are totaled because of water damage.

“I’ve never seen nothing like this, this was totally crazy. I couldn’t believe it,” Armstrong said.

Fans still ran in his basement on Wednesday. A tarp covered some of the belongings from the basement that he’s hoping to salvage.

“It’s ruined. This was really sentimental value,” he said, holding up a framed flag and photo. It was presented to him, he says, after the flag was flown at a certain altitude on the kind of aircraft that his father in law worked on while in the Air Force.

“They made a nice little thing for me. Totally destroyed.” He said, putting it down.

Armstrong, originally from Scotland, served in the British Navy.

He says neighbors on his street are dealing with similar flooding issues.

“Everybody was out talking about the rain,” he said.

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