Stone Ridge Book Sale to end after 46 years

    (WJLA) - The news nearly brought some to tears: the beloved Stone Ridge Book Sale is finally coming to an end after 46 years.

    Jennifer Miller and her family have been coming to the sale for more than 20 years – her mother, sisters, and children all walked out on Friday with some great finds.

    "When we come in here, we go for the comics...this has the best selection of them," Miller says.

    They, like many others here, have bought hundreds of books over the years, and sometimes even spent hundreds of dollars.

    Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart holds the book sale every year. Nearly 150,000 books take up three gyms and the event requires hundreds of volunteers, along with time and manpower that is needed with a still growing school.

    The news is disappointing, and not just because of the sales or the comic books that will be hard to find elsewhere – it’s because of the rare experience the Stone Ridge Sale offers.

    "It's really been just one of the best times of my life," says one fan.

    The school says the goal is to get rid of all of the books by the end of the sale on Monday. Whatever is left over, they plan to donate to charity.

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