Stafford officer-involved shooting kills one

    (Photo: Brianne Carter/WJLA)

    A 17-year-old Stafford boy, suspected of drunk driving, was shot and killed when he stabbed an investigating officer, police say.

    Virginia State Police say{}deputies{}were called to the scene at Aquia Road and Tacketts Mill Road around 4 a.m. for drunk driving Friday.{}Upon arrival, they found a crashed vehicle abandoned.

    Police say an investigation led deputies to a home in{}the 12000 block of Tacketts Mill Road.

    Evan F. Newsom, 17, of Stafford, attacked one of the deputies with a knife, police say. Officers opened fire, killing the suspect.

    The deputy who was attacked suffered knife wounds, but was not seriously injured.

    Both Fauquier County and Stafford County sheriff’s offices responded to the scene due to the incident’s proximity to the county border.

    Virginia State Police is handling the investigation, which is ongoing.


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