Northern Virginia digs out after snowstorm, prepares for icy roads

Stafford, Fredericksburg dig out after snowstorm, prepare for icy roads. (ABC7)

Snow plow companies in Stafford and Fredericksburg kept busy Sunday night to Monday clearing roads and parking lots after the weekend storm.

The winter storm passed, but the Virginia Department of Transportation is warning drivers about potentially dangerous driving conditions overnight into Tuesday morning as melted snow could refreeze on roadways and sidewalks.

Virginia Landscape Management becomes Virginia Snow and Ice Management come wintertime.

When the snow falls, Branden Click gets to work.

“We weren’t expecting for it to get this area that much,” he said.

The company did expect the storm to hit neighboring North Carolina and sent more than a dozen trucks and heavy equipment there to clean up around six inches of snow.

“[Fredericksburg and Stafford} still ended up getting enough to be plowable so we stayed busy the whole time,” said Click.

Busy is an understatement. He and other crews worked around the clock to clear roads and parking lots so the community could keep moving.

“I’ve been actually on the clock yesterday since 7:30 in the morning. Went 23 hours,” he said.

Trucks from other small businesses also hit the road, treating streets before an overnight freeze and clearing icy slush to prevent cars from getting stuck.

Virginia State Police kept busy Sunday to Monday with close to 1,200 crashes statewide and more than 1,500 disabled or stuck vehicles.

Drivers who got to work Monday without issue, can thank workers like Click and first responders.

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