Stafford County considers options for crowded elementary schools

    (Photo: ABC7)

    In a close knit community, like Stafford County, the thought of losing friends and a familiar territory is frightening for many parents and students.

    Stafford County school board members are considering two options, as they attempt to redraw attendance boundaries for 17 elementary schools.

    The most popular option among parents is option E2-2, which would impact more than 2,400 students; roughly six hundred less than the alternative.

    “We like the plan where we stay where are, also the other plan adds in some racial disparities,” said parent Maya Guy.

    When it comes to redistricting, school boards across the nation are making tough decisions.

    Most recently Loudoun County and Arlington County faced the same dilemma.

    “Change is difficult and no one is going to deny that, but I think most people recognize something has to happen, we have a couple elementary schools that are way over capacity and a couple of elementary schools that are significantly below capacity,” said Superintendent Dr. Scott Kizner.

    The final decision is scheduled for March 26th.

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