Speed cameras fine 124,000 speeders nearly $5 million at one work zone on Capital Beltway

Beltway construction (MGNonline)

Speed cameras posted in one work zone on the Capital Beltway issued more than 124,000 speeding tickets in one year, according to a new report from AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Speeders were fined nearly $5 million at the Suitland Road Bridge work zone near the home base of Air Force One.
And, according to the report, the cameras are helping to slow drivers down and save lives. Speeding tickets were nearly 50 percent less than in previous years.

“In Maryland, most work zone crashes across the state occur in the Washington, D.C. metro area, and the Baltimore metro area,” said John B. Townsend II, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Manager of Public & Government Affairs.

“Between 2010 and 2016, work zone fatalities averaged 6.6 per year in Maryland, a reduction of about 45 percent from the seven-year average of 11.9 fatalities per year from 2003 through 2009,” according to the Maryland State Highway Administration.

“On average, more than 700 people nationwide lose their lives annually in work zone crashes,” according to the Maryland Department of Transportation.

“Currently, there are 15 active work zone speed camera locations in Maryland,” Townsend says. “SafeZones ASE units have captured photographic proof of 495,222 motorists speeding in work zones with ongoing activity and slowed down more than a few. Those speedy drivers incurred $19.9 million in work zone photo-radar ticket fines. The state of Maryland deploys ‘Automated Speed Enforcement’ (ASE) mobile units in work zones to modify driver behavior or save the lives and limbs of highway workers and motorists, including yours.”

Read the full report from AAA-Mid-Atlantic:

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