Speed camera ticketing begins for often deadly stretch of Indian Head Highway


Speed camera ticketing is beginning in Prince George’s County for a stretch of Indian Head Highway that has resulted in more than 50 crash-related fatalities in the past decade.

Officials held a ceremony for its debut Wednesday.

The speed camera will operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week at the intersection of Old Fort Road and Indian Head Highway in Fort Washington. Tickets carry a $40 fine for those going 12 miles or more over the 55 mph speed limit.

Residents have long asked for the speed camera. Route 210 has a reputation as being not only one of the most dangerous roadways in the Washington metro area, but in the entire country as well. This year, at least two people have died on the roadway, and seven occurred last year.

An exception was made to put the speed camera in place as under current Maryland law, speed cameras can only be put in work or school zones.

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