Speed camera has Suitland residents fearing for their safety

A speed camera located near a power line in Suitland, Md. (WJLA photo)

SUITLAND, Md. (WJLA) – A Suitland speed camera has drivers worried not about getting a ticket, but about their lives being put at risk.

Many people in the neighborhood are concerned about how close the speed camera tower is to overhead Pepco power lines.

“It needs to be away from the power line,” said neighbor Elizabeth Dixon.

The camera tower sits right next to the line. Its base is near a bus stop and across the street from Suitland High School.

“They wanna try to catch speeders, but they ain’t payin’ attention to that live wire up there,” said neighbor Frank Johnson. “They need to move that camera.”

Captain Dan Sheffield oversees the program that installs speed and red light cameras in Prince George’s County.

“Pepco has not asked us to remove the equipment,” he said. “They have not told us to relocate it or they have not said that there is any problem with our equipment being where it is.”

But Sheffield added that when the police department placed the camera on Silver Hill Road, the power line with the orange shield on it to prevent it from hitting the tower wasn’t there. That has neighbors even more worried.

“I hope nothin’ happens, nobody’s house or nothin’ get burnt up from an electrical fire or somethin’,” an observer said. “I hope nobody gets injured, or somebody walkin’ by get injured.”

On Thursday afternoon, ABC 7 News contacted Pepco, which sent a technician to take a look at the power line. The company deemed the setup safe, because of the insulation on the power line.

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