Solar power debate pits Spotsylvania County neighbors against Utah-based sPower

    Spotsylvania County residents fill a public hearing on the proposed solar farm project. Some, voicing health concerns. (ABC7)

    Spotsylvania County residents are banding together to fight the installation of a $615 million solar farm in the western part of the county.

    A Utah-based company, Sustainable Power Group Inc., known as sPower, is asking the county board of supervisors to approve plans Tuesday night to install 1.8 million solar panels on about half of 6,300 acres. About 2,000 acres will be preserved as open space.

    WATCH: With the help of DroneTrak7, Richard Reeve shows us aerial views of the site for the project:

    sPower says the farm would generate $20 million in property taxes over the 35-year length of the project.

    But opponents of the project say the area could lose up to $80 million in taxes because of falling property values and planned homes that won’t be built.

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