Soar: Hundreds flock to unique public art display in Alexandria

Soar: Hundreds flock to unique public art display in Alexandria (Jay Korff/ABC7)

We all bear a burden that holds us back. Something that weighs us down.

On Thursday night in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood, hundreds flocked to a unique public art installation that’s creating catharsis.

“The project is called Soar," says Nancy Belmont.

Soar is the brainchild of creator Belmont.

“You select a rock and you think about something you want to let go of. And you write that thing on the rock, and when you are ready to let go you put the rock down and you hang an origami bird to symbolize your lightness and freedom from that thing," says Belmont.

Beth Faircloth says, “So, I wrote the word insecurity.”

Faircloth believes Soar is the perfect antidote.

“Like a really positive energy being able to let out negativity and allow for room to let good things come in," says Faircloth.

Alexis Lacks says her life would be on track if she could just let go of one thing.

“Actually, I wrote temptation because that’s something I’m trying to fight," says Lacks.

“I see all the things that are holding people back," says Heather Hopwood.

For Hopwood, her rock carries a burden deep and abiding.

Hopwood says, “I’m a recent cancer survivor and so that brings a lot of fear.”

A disease she fears could return.

“It’s not really cancer. It’s really fear of everything that comes with cancer so that’s what I wrote on my rock," says Hopwood.

For all we do to work on ourselves maybe all we need to change is the canvas. In this case a pen, a rock and a paper bird to lift away a world of worries.

Belmont says, “I think about the potential to change one life and then I see all of these lives could change from this experience and it feels pretty good.”

Soar remains open along Mt. Vernon Avenue until June 24th.

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