Sit-in at Howard University enters day 3 as students refuse to back down until demands met


Saturday marked day three of a sit-in at an administration building on Howard University’s campus.

“The sit-in will continue until all of the demands are conceded to or met,” said Juan Demetrixx, an organizer with HU Resist.

A list of demands still hung outside of the building on Saturday. Students have remained inside since Thursday.

“We are here because we want to improve the conditions of everybody that goes to this school,” Demetrixx said.

On Saturday morning, students met with members of the Board of Trustees.

“The negotiations have been productive,” said Rock Newman, an Alumni Trustee. “And, collectively, the Board of Trustees is extremely impressed with the way that the students have handled the negotiations.”

Throughout the day, donations for the students came pouring in.

“We want to show solidarity and support for their demands and everything they are standing for,” said Eva Raczkowski, a George Washington University student, who came out with a group of others to donate food, water, and blankets.

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