With NWS employees furloughed, shutdown impacts weather forecasting

(File photo)

The government shutdown is impacting weather forecasting tools that are critical with the possibility of snow this weekend in the DC area.

“The forecasters at the National Weather Service, they’re there. They are not getting paid, they might not be as happy, but they are there working,” StormWatch7’s Brian van de Graaff said.

But some of the employees who work on the technical side are not working during the shutdown.

“It just means with the models of forecast patterns, like our snow potential this weekend, not all the data is coming in as it should,” van de Graaff said. “It’s still coming in, but maybe not as high of a level.”

The NWS website says its team will keep providing critical forecast, watch, and warning information to protect life and property throughout the shutdown.

But some of its services are postponed until further notice.

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