What DC residents can and can't do during the government shutdown

(Tom Roussey/ABC7)

Many people visiting Washington are finding it confusing figuring out what is open and what is not during the government shutdown.

Monuments and memorials are open – but their bathrooms are not.

Bathrooms run by the National Park Service have been closed, but the NPS says the company GSI has placed port-a-potties near several of the most popular sites.

For instance, the bathrooms at the World War II Memorial are closed, but several port-a-potties are sitting a short distance away.

Trails such as the C & O Canal are in use, but the NPS warns that emergency and rescue services are limited.

Although the National Archives is closed, the Smithsonian museums and the National Gallery of Art are open.

A spokesperson for the Smithsonian says its museums will stay open at least through January 1st, but any dates beyond that are in doubt if the shutdown continues.

Meanwhile the federal government is no longer picking up trash in areas like the National Mall. But the DC mayor’s office says the city will pick up the trash instead.

On Monday a spokesperson for the mayor said it was unclear whether city taxpayers would ultimately foot the bill for that or if the federal government would reimburse the city.

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