Police investigating possible 'swatting' call at Wheaton home


Police are investigating after a possible "swatting" call was made Friday morning at a Montgomery County home.

Police said officers responded to a residence in the 11800 block of Dewey Road in Wheaton around 8:59 a.m. for a possible shooting but did not locate any victims.

According to police, the caller, who identified himself as Jordan Hernandez and said he had Asperger’s Syndrome, claimed he shot his mother in the stomach and leg with a Glock pistol. He then stayed on the phone with 911, saying he was “scared” and his mother was turning “very pale.” The 911 call center was also providing lifesaving instructions to him as he was on the phone.

Dozens of first responders responded to the scene, including Montgomery County SWAT team members who surrounded the home with long guns. Police said at least one person was located inside the home and are believed to be a victim in their own right as they are not thought to be responsible for the call.

Dewey Road was closed during the situation and residents were told to shelter in place as police searched the residence.

It's unclear if the 911 call center knows who called, assuming that Jordan Hernandez is not a real person.

In 2014, there was a rash of swatting calls that hit Montgomery County, including Northwest High School in Germantown.

According to Montgomery County police, swatting can be defined as "making a false call to emergency services in an attempt to cause a large emergency response to a particular address."

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