Sharon Ruby Gray charged with lying about kidnapping

A Brandywine woman was arrested for falsely claiming she had been the victim of a kidnapping and abduction.

Sharon Ruby Gray, 37, is charged with filing a false statement.

Detectives say she lied about being kidnapped to delay a Jan. 24 hearing for allegations that she falsified the last will and testament of an elderly man that she cared for who had died. Most of the man’s estate was willed to Gray.

On January 22, officers were called to the 3500 block of Malcolm Road in Brandywine for a report of an abandoned vehicle with the engine running.

Officers tracked the car to a home in Brandywine, and later learned that Gray, the driver of the car, had left earlier that evening and hadn’t been seen since.

About 9 p.m. the next day, Gray’s husband reported to police that she had returned home. Gray later told police that she was abducted by two people who put a bag over her head and forced her inside a van, where they tied her up. The suspects then held her against her will overnight, Gray told officers.

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